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The signage system was the functional guidance for the public space,
symbolizing the civilization for the public area.
The signage system was the functional guidance for the public space, symbolizing the civilization for the public area. In China, it is still a new design catalogue for the signage system. There are lots of public areas that need this system design, for example, city, architecture, urban and suburban road transportation, business block, etc.
Signage System design work done by Morning design includes: functional area design, traffic transportation analysis, sidewalk vernacular analysis, comfort level analysis for users way-signage, guidance picture design, sign broad design, sign icon design and ground mark design. Normally, the Signage system is used to provide services to people who come to a new place or are unfamiliar with this place. It is a scientific layout to transportation lines, done with the full understanding of the architecture and the whole functional space. An excellent guidance will lead you to anywhere you want to without much inquires or help. It should not affect the area’s scenery, and also, not be too striking either. Morning design is able to provide its customer with crystal clear signage system designing work.
Sino-Ocean land International Center Signage System
Brief Introduction: Sino Oceanland International Center is a business center located in Beijing CBD. The outer elevation of this building is made by a metal broad and glass panel wall. Based on this architecture’s appearance and its character, we designed a signage System emphasizing its modern and technological sense in the aspect of designing material. What’s more, we added some fashionable feathers in it, which helps to promote its image as a whole.
Client: Sino-Ocean land Real Estate Co. Ltd.
Project: Signage System Design
Timeline: 2005
New Gate Mall Signage System
Brief Introduction: In this design, we tried to change the area’s atmosphere by designing lots of resting and public areas. And more than this, we implanted a lot of room to show advertisements. The whole design work gives the customers a feeling of slow consuming. And it also helps to enlarge the whole public area.
Client: New Gate Mall
Project: Brand Environment design
Time: 2007
Perfect World Signage System
Brief Introduction: Beijing Perfect World Internet Technology Co. Ltd. is one of the biggest on-line game developers and operators. Following the unique feathers of the game industry, we designed a distinct signage System, which not only breaks the traditional designing ways, but also brings beauty to the whole working circumstances.
Client: Perfect World
Project: Signage System Design
Timeline: 2007
Chemsunny World Trade Center Signage System
Brief Introduction: As the superior office building in China, Chemsunny is located in the bustling Chang’an Street. Designed by world famous US architecture designing company SOM, it owns its unique style. Through this work, Morning design has the chance to learn the international advanced designing perceptions. From the opening ceremony of the world trade center till it was sold out, our cooperation with Chemsunny never ends.
Client: Beijing Chemsunny Real Estate Co. Ltd.
Project: Signage System
Timeline: 2002
Ocean Chemsun Signage System
Brief Introduction: Sino-Ocean land Real Estate Co. Ltd. is one out of the ten well-known real estate companies which could have their stocks listed on the Hong Kong stock market. Sino-Ocean land Kaisheng International Mansion is another modern top residence program in Beijing it conducts. Morning designed one excellent signage System for it, fitting perfectly with its elegant image.
Client: Sino-Ocean-land Real Estate Co. Ltd.
Project: Signage System
Timeline: 2005
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