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About Wei Lai
Founder and arts director of beijing’s morning design consulting corporation and
morning brand marketing firm,
a member of the New York Art Directors Club
founder and deputy secretary of beijing’s creative design association,
brand marketing Expert
Morning design was founded in beijing during 1997. It has been an active player within the design community, overseeing, but not limited to, fields in graphic, architectural and Environment design and brand promotion. In the course of ten years, brandon wei has molded the company from a workshop to the vanguard among international standards, earning him a more than respectable title of china’s most outstanding design entrepreneur. As an author, wei has published dozens of publications with, significantly impacting china’s ever growing design industry.

Quoted by GRAPHIC DESIGN usa as “asia’s hope in design” in 2004, wei also went on to earn the title of china’s creative elite, an event hosted by the embassy of the united kingdom in 2007 and has been nominated by china’s design industry top ten “most prominent youth” in the same year. As of 2008, brandon wei proudly stands as china’s top ten most creative entrepreneur.

Design Is A Purposive Creation

It has been a mere 20 years since modern commercial design stepped into china. However, the chinese has always appreciated the art over thousands of years. The drive for design is an innate characteristic of mankind’sappeal to aesthetics. This drive is encoded in the human gene on which mankind’s culture multiplies and thrives upon. In the commercial industry, design relies not only upon aesthetics but is determined by communications and marketing metrics.

Design is a purposive creation-hence only those who display a defined purpose can achieve success. Gone are the days when a single designer is required to complete an entire project; nowadays, experts from various professions and fields collaborate to create something truly grand. Today’s design industry is marked by collaboration and cooperation.

Design is the accelerator of business communication. Design condenses messages to the most concise of symbols, helping companies target their customers with more precision in addition to assisting companies win the loyalty of their clientele. Truly, design has become an inseparable tool in contemporary commercial life.
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