About Us
Morning Design is proud to have the most talented design team in the swankest working environment,
with strict business principles and a stable, healthy and happy atmosphere.
It is also one of the sacred places for the young designers in China.
It has been 10 years since we started;
we have been ranked as China’s top 1st design company.
Our core competitive strengths are as follows
1. We are the 1st to have completed Design Management Approach and Area-Specific Procedures
We break down complicated design tasks thus making them coherent with our thoughts process and research.
2. We Are a Multi-Talented Design and Marketing Team
  We are a group of designers that understands the importance of both sales and marketing; we put our business merit as our priority. Over the years we have been rendering our services to several top rated companies from different fields in the business world. We not only help our clients with designing an art work but also to provide them our support, advice and expertise.
3. Possesses the most complete comprehensive information within the industry and the 1st to adopt advanced information management System
  We created information vending business within the Design Industry. We are passionate and eager to enlarge our collection of information. We boast the most top rated library in the Design Industry. The Morning Design library possesses more than 5000 titles of books with an annual income deposit worth of over 100 thousand Chinese Yuan. In addition to printed materials, we housed great amount of specialized materials in the Digital format, images and marketing tools, which are appropriately kept by our Information Department.
4. We are a unified and Experienced Design Team
  Morning Design’s cohesive team is well known within China’s design industry. This long-term co-operation and low employee turnover rate enables Morning Design to gradually improve its management system. Long-term co-operation is also the key to high quality service and creativities.
5. As a company we are constantly learning and continuously improving ourselves.
  We are not only a business entity aiming to make profit but also a research based academic institute for Design and Marketing.
6. We have a relatively fixed based Clientele
  Planning and designing consist of two parties, The Customer and The Service Provider. Collaboration between the two solely determines the quality of the finished work. It is a relationship based on trust and understanding which resulted in a long-term co-operation. Customers who are new only contribute to 8% of Morning Design’s revenue, and the rest of the customers have been our client for more than 3 years.
  Our customers include, Ericsson, CCTV Culture Center, BOCOG, Lenovo, Double-Crane Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Sino Ocean Land, Neo China Group, Hong Kong ZhongXin Group, Great Wall Insurance, Aimer, China Grand Enterprises, China Automotive Industry International Corporation, FESCO, Heng Chang Jewelry, China North Industry Corporation, Huayi Brothers, New Picture Film, China Television Media, Hunan Satellite TV, Hualu Baina Movie, ROSAT, Western Film Group, Sil-Metropole Organization and etc.
Morningdesign Consulting co., ltd   Tel:8610-51283099 Fax:8610-51283099-860   Rom506, Huayuan jinglin Bay, huilongguan, changping District, beijing, china 102208