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Morning Design is one of the most well known design companies in China.  
Morning Design was founded in 1998 and is one of the most well known design companies in China. Since it was founded, Morning Design quickly establishes itself into a comprehensive corporation alongside with the Nation's rapid economic growth. It has since been providing local Chinese companies with design services at an International standard. The scope of services includes logo, graphic, visual identity, environmental art, industrial design and video editing.

In 2004 USA’s Graphics Design magazine published a special feature section titled “Asia’s Most Promising Design Companies” which includes some of Morning Design’s artwork thus, introducing the company at the same time. That same year Morning Design became one of the very few Chinese design companies (including Hong Kong and Taiwan) to join the New York Arts Director’s Club. During the next following years, Morning Design won numerous awards including China’s Multi-Colors Award in Year 2005 and in 2006 was listed as China’s Top 10 Brand Design Company. Morning Design has published more than 10 design related books, such as “20 Years in Plain Design” by Wang Min, “International Design in the Eyes of a Chinese Designer”, “Goodbye Creativity” and other related books. Every two years, Morning Design publishes its own Biannual Yearbook and it became the industries’ most influential book to date.

Its 2002 Biannual Yearbook titled “Starting from Scratch” and 2004 Yearbook titled “Morning Design” both books became an instant best seller short after its release. Both books also received countless of praises and frequently being ret-printed. Morning Design is also dedicated to provide high quality design to high-end companies.

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