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Corporate Environment
Morning Design is Google in design industry. A scale of fifty people, small yet creative is a brilliant story in Chinese design field. They lead a life of upper class, locate offices in the luxurious villa district in northern suburb of Beijing, absorb arts, delicacies, entertainments, and a library into work, took ten years to build an Asian design fantasy. In this way, artists at Morning spend their lives in comfort and pleasure.

Elegant environment and colorful cultural lives are the envy of their peers and rivals. Half of 1,000 square meter working area is opened up for living use, like brilliant restaurant, graceful bar and café, open-air barbecue bench and a 20-seat cinema, even working area is equipped with a mini-gym and a boxing house. Employees at Morning have everyday new meal that sixty days without a repetition. Homemade desserts, afternoon tea, newly-ground coffee, and kinds of tea and cola---all these balance intensive work with cozy enjoyment. They believe that only who lives well, designs well.

Morningdesign Consulting co., ltd   Tel:8610-51283099 Fax:8610-51283099-860   Rom506, Huayuan jinglin Bay, huilongguan, changping District, beijing, china 102208